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The Douglas County Museum Offers Intriguing Exhibits And Family Fun Near Seven Feathers Casino Resort

Douglas County Museum

The Douglas County Museum first opened its doors in 1969 and for the past 50 years those that work t…
Abelca Is A Must Visit Local Winery Near Seven Feathers Casino Resort In Canyonville Oregon


What do you get when you mix two scientists with Umpqua Wine Country?…
Cooper Ridge Vineyard Is Located In The Heart Of The Umpqua Valley Just A Short Drive From Seven Feathers Casino Resort

Cooper Ridge Vineyard

Located only a short distance away from Seven Feathers, Cooper Ridge Vineyard has become a popular…..
Kruse Farms Provides Local Fun Near Seven Feathers Casino Resort In Canyonville Oregon

Kruse Farms

Fall is here and so are our cravings for delicious baked goods and freshly picked local produce!…

Toketee Falls

One of Oregon’s shortest hikes is also one of the most breathtaking. Carved by the North Umpqua Rive…

The Oregon Vortex

For those of you X-files fans, you already know about the Oregon Vortex. It’s where people grow and…