Diamond Lake

Annually the lake is stocked with 450,000 fingerlings.

Diamond Lake

Summertime is just about here and we’re ready to get outdoors and explore! One of the top spots for us to visit is just a car ride away, Diamond Lake! Right in the Umpqua National Forest, Diamond Lake or the “Gem of Cascades,” is regarded as one of the best fishing, boating, camping and hiking spots in Oregon. After a long day of staying active by the lake, everyone is sure to find the cool water of Diamond Lake refreshing and relaxing. When it comes to fishing, Diamond Lake is a great place to spend your day! Known to be a popular fishing spot for rainbow trout and heavily populated with a variety of species, the lake has played host to several major league fishing tournaments over the years. Whether you’re heading out on a charter fishing trip or on your own boat, this is a great spot to catch a few. If you’re having a good day, it’s not unusual to reel in a fish weighing over ten pounds! Not one for fishing? Be sure to check out the Diamond Lake Trail! This trail loops around the entire lake, and is one of the most scenic hikes in Oregon. Regardless of your hiking experience, the trail has options for all skill levels with plenty of entry points. If you’re looking for something longer and aren’t pressed for time, we recommend taking the 10+ mile scenic route. Whether you are hiking all day, or just for an afternoon, everyone is sure to fall in love with the beautiful views of the lake and the accompanying waterfalls and streams. Not only is Diamond Lake a great spot to hike, it is also one of Oregon’s top-notch spots to go mountain biking or horseback riding! Rent a mountain bike, or head out on a guided horseback ride, either way you’re sure to enjoy all the beautiful scenery Diamond Lake has to offer. Horseback rides range anywhere from an hour to all day, so there’s sure to be something fit for everyone. You can make reservations by calling (541) 793-3337. And, of course, Diamond Lake offers some of the most relaxing and scenic campsites in the area! After staying with us at Seven Feathers Casino Resort, tack on an additional day to your trip at any one of their three of their campsites located along the shoreline. You can make reservations for Diamond Lake’s campsites here.

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