Douglas County Museum

At Seven Feathers there is a little bit of everything offering great choices for the whole family to enjoy. The same amount of variety also applies to our surrounding community with dozens of attractions and locations to explore! One of those diverse options is the family of Umpqua Valley Museums, specifically the Douglas County Museum. The Douglas County Museum first opened its doors in 1969 and for the past 50 years those that work there have been busy gathering and preserving items for all to enjoy. The natural and cultural items that have been collected serve as an introduction and history lesson to visitors about the vast swath of land that makes up Douglas County and the humans that have lived there for over 10,000 years. Visitors to The Douglas County Museum can expect to learn a great deal about the county’s extensive history in everything from mining to timber harvesting and, of course, fishing and farming. Items in the collection include artifacts from the Umpqua Tribe like intricately crafted woven baskets and impressive spear points. Other items are from the land’s more recent past including quilts that found their way to Douglas County by way of the Oregon Trail and even buildings from the historic Oregon & California Railroad. Additionally, the Douglas County Museum is home to the Northwest’s most diverse plant collection. At the museum there are roughly 3,000 individual specimens all with their own unique story to tell. If large collections are your thing, The Douglas County Museum also has the state’s second largest historic photo collection. There are over 24,000 pictures that serve as a window into history all the way back to about the 1850s. The Douglas Country Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00AM-5:00PM, with the museum being closed Sunday and Monday. Admission for visitors ranges. Children 0-4 are free, students ages five through 17 are $2, adults are $8, and seniors and veterans are $5. For more information please visit The Douglas County Museum website.