What do you get when you mix two scientists with the quest to introduce a missing strand of fine wine to America? The multi-award-winning winery known as Abacela!

Although the owner’s background makes for the perfect setup for a joke, Abacela is no laughing matter! The winery was started in 1995 by Earl and Hilda Jones who were on a mission to see if they could bring Tempranillo wine to life in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley. Obviously, Earl and Hilda found success in their quest and have been busy ever since.

Abacela offers the well known red and white wines as well as dessert and library wines plus additional options. Over the years Abacela’s different wines have earned a number of accolades including ” America’s 1st Gold Medal in Spain’s 2009 Tempranillo al Mundo Competition,” “2013 Oregon Winery of the Year,” and in 2015 Earl and Hilda brought home the “Oregon Wine Industry’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

With the wine flowing, Abacela is happy to offer a variety of wines and experiences for guests to enjoy. Abacela offers events, seated tastings, and the opportunity to visit their Vine & Wine Center tasting room. Visitors can visit the Vine & Wine Center Tasting Room during the winter hours from 11:00AM to 5:00PM. If you are interested in a seated tasting you can make reservations on Abacela’s website. Other events at the winery are scheduled throughout the year and it is best to take a look at their calendar before your visit!