Limited Time Fuel Rewards

Starting September 25 For A Limited Time

Active players automatically qualify for a base discount based on card tier level. Guests may earn additional fuel discounts based on play as follows:

  • $0.05 per gallon for every 2,000 points earned within a calendar week.
  • Guests may earn up to a $2.50 total discount, including the base discount.
  • Guests begin with a base amount in the first week. Based on play (points earned) for the first week, guests receive the earned discount in the second week as a fixed amount.
  • The earned discount continues each week while the promotion is active, with players receiving the earned discount in the upcoming week(s).
  • Each week, guests will begin again at the base discount and play to rebuild their fuel discount in the upcoming week.

Fuel discounts will increase on a weekly basis as guests play during the promotion period. Players Club cards are automatically updated with increased discounts. Players can see their fuel discount progress on their Player Portal.

Guests may swipe their Players Club card at a Seven Feathers Truck and Travel fuel station prior to purchase to activate the offer any time during the promotional period. Guests are limited to 25 gallons per week at the increased discounts above the base amount.

Must be 21 or older and a Players Club member with an active Players Club account to qualify for fuel discounts. Fuel discounts are per gallon of non-PUC fuel, and increasing discounts are based on play with Players Club card tracking. If you have not played recently, please see the Players Club to make sure your card is active. Active play within the last 18 months is required to prevent your Players Club account from archiving. Visit the Players Club for more information. Management reserves the right to change or cancel any offer or promotion at any time without notice.