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Cool Night Out


Top 10 Reasons to have

1. I don't love my love handles
2. Two words: summer vacation
3. Make my time at the gym
look like I've been to the gym
4. Show up at the reunion in the
same jeans I wore then
5. Move on to resolutions
#2 and #3
6. Put my bag in overhead without
7. Wear spandex without
8. I eat right, so I deserve to
look right
9. Make my birthday suit my
best outfit
10. I want my body back
Celebrate the New Year with a Cool Night Out

Tuesday, January 28 • 5 - 7 p.m.
Join us at The River Rock Spa for a CoolSculpting event Hosted by leading Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Limited space available. Reserve your spot today! Visit the River Rock Spa or call 541.839.1321

Live Demos
FREE Consultations
Wine and Hors d'oeuvres
Special event pricing
$25 spa credit for all attendees
Easy to get to Hard to forget